Training & Consultancy

Our workplace health training programs provide a proactive approach to injury prevention and management and take positive step towards ensuring the health and productivity of your workers.  Our experienced Easec team offers a range of specialised and custom designed training and consultancy services.

Manual handling training
Poor manual handling is a significant source of workplace injury. Our Manual Handling Training is provided by our qualified team of occupational therapists and includes:

  • Observation of your workplace tasks and the people performing them
  • Development of specific programs targeted at risks associated with your industry and as identified from observation of the tasks
  • Onsite and “on the floor” education (wherever possible). Where not possible, simulation of work tasks is undertaken
  • Training is interactive and participatory by your employees
  • Education on basic anatomy – encouraging understanding of how the body works
  • Education on safe work postures and procedures
  • Assisting management to identify and work with workers that could be at risk of injury

Stress management in the workplace

  • Programs are targeted at managers, supervisors and workers
  • Management/supervisor training programs educate on how to identify workers who are exhibiting signs of stress
  • Educates managers/supervisors on how to approach and manage these workers
  • Provides guidance on how to avoid escalation of symptoms and progression to stress claim
  • Workers’ stress management programs help individuals to identify when they are at risk of developing stress symptoms, how to manage these and how to prevent escalation of symptoms

Supervisor’s role in the return to work process

  • Educates supervisors in how to achieve successful return to work for injured workers
  • Identifies the key attributes a supervisor needs to support the injured worker
  • Helps problem solve specific issues that arise in the RTW process for supervisors

Review of injury management systems

  • We will review your injury management policies and procedures to identify what and where enhancements can be made to aid continuous improvement
  • Review of workplace practices to ascertain relevance and effectiveness
  • Development of injury management policy and procedures where identified as necessary
  • Encourages compliance with OH&S and workers compensation legislation
  • RTW and SD program development and monitoring

Participative Ergonomic consultancy services

  • Incorporating ergonomic principles into your workplace helps to prevent the occurrence of workplace injury.
  • By taking a participative approach to identifying ergonomic risk, workers are integrally involved in the entire consultancy and intervention process.
  • Ergonomics audits are aimed at identifying ergonomic risks within your business, whether it be individual work stations, or factory production lines.
  • Intervention is focused on improving productivity by recommending and implementing sound ergonomic principals.
  • Assessments can be conducted of the entire workplace ergonomic environment including workplace/station design; seating; space requirements; and individual anthropometric requirements.