Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
At Easec Occupational Therapy Brisbane, we combine ethical conduct with excellence in service provision.

It is our commitment to deliver only the highest quality occupational rehabilitation services that comprehensively meet the needs of our clients.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • To put your mind at EASE knowing that we will get results and will work with you to find solutions to all of your injury management and rehabilitation needs
  • To provide SECURITY for you in the knowledge that we have a proven track record in successful injury management intervention and are fully compliant and accredited

Easec provides support for employers, insurers and workers compensation authorities to:

  • Optimise workers employment participation whether they have compensable or non-compensable injuries/illnesses
  • Assist workers to remain at work
  • Assist people who are not currently in the workforce to enter into the workforce

We do this by:

  • Providing immediate/early intervention
  • Building and maintaining relationships with all stakeholders
  • Identifying workplace cultures and potential barriers to remaining at work
  • Driving injury management solutions for organisations who want to proactively manage their ill and injured workers
  • Provide tailored solutions for workers at all stages of the employment cycle: unemployment; pre-employment; remaining at work and redeployment

We are:

  • A highly skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary team of occupational rehabilitation health professionals
  • Driven by a vision of providing quality services and systems
  • Constantly reviewing and updating our skills for provision of continuous improvement in injury management service delivery