Injury Prevention

Easec Occupational Health offers injury prevention assessments and preventative consultancy advice with a view to providing safer, more productive work places.

Our injury prevention programs provide significant economical and cultural benefits for employers and insurers, and we provide only the highest quality support and advice, in line with best practice guidelines for injury prevention.

Our injury prevention services include:

Ergonomic workstation assessments

  • Review and assessment of the worker and their workstation to advise on best fit of the tasks and equipment to the worker
  • Flags potential risks through non optimal seating, postures, storage, work flow and workstation design
  • Promotes a safe and comfortable work environment for workers and aims to maximise productivity

Ergonomic audit

  • Takes a wider approach to organisational ergonomics – beyond workstations to the entire layout, functionality and workplace organisation of all work tasks (including home based work environments)
  • Reviews staff knowledge of ergonomics and safe working postures
  • Encourages sustainable ergonomics through staff education and awareness

Workplace visits and risk assessments

  • Our injury management professionals will visit your workplace and provide an assessment of your employee and their duties
  • Risks and issues will be identified, including the impact of specific workplace cultures on the injury management and RTW process
  • Suitable duties will be identified and provision of suitable duties lists for work tasks can be developed
  • A rehabilitation/RTW plan relevant to your workplace will be developed
  • Our goal is to work with you to implement a sustainable RTW for your employee

Specific manual tasks analysis

  • Identifies risks associated with manual handling tasks
  • Provides guidance on how to eliminate, modify, substitute, or re-organise work tasks
  • Identifies specific human anthropometrics (body size) and identifies risks associated with specific tasks in relation to these