Injury Assessments

We offer a series of medical and rehabilitation based injury assessments to determine the extent of a worker’s injury and to then develop a tailored occupational rehabilitation solution accordingly.

Medico-legal assessments

  • Medico Legal Assessments enable an independent assessment of peoples’ function relative to insurance, public liability and workers compensation law.
  • One of our qualified assessment team reviews each case to provide evidence and recommendations regarding a person’s pre-injury and post injury status, ability to perform tasks and live independently as well as identifying any care requirements as a result of the injury.

Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)

  • A functional capacity evaluation is used to identify a person’s functional capacity and work potential with regards to being able to perform their pre-injury role or to identify what new occupations may be safe for them to engage in.
  • These assessments are largely used as part of a return to work (RTW) program, a re-deployment program or to assist both job seekers and recruiters to identify current function.
  • Easec Occupational Health performs FCE’s using a standardized “WorkHab” method.

Vocational assessment

  • A vocational assessment draws upon a number of tools to identify a person’s transferable skills, interests and capacity to undertake future employment options, and identifies what these options are.
  • The goal of this type of assessment is to help an individual to identify the best and most suitable employment options while setting realistic goals for returning to work in a new occupation.

Workplace assessment

  • A workplace assessment is a specialised on-site review of a worker’s duties and environment. Our trained occupational therapists will use their expertise to determine the worker’s requirements for returning to work including identifying suitable duties, accessibility for specific needs and the design of a work plan that suits both the worker and the employer.